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The Stand-up Scientist: Lessons from A/Prof. Alison Woollard on Advancing Science with Humor

Zoom Webinar

  Not your typical scientist, British biologist Associate Prof Alison Woollard takes the center stage in our first virtual fireside chat of 2024!   Science and comedy appear unrelated to many but for A/Prof Woollard, comedy is her weapon of choice when it comes to science communication. And she’s not alone, over the last few […]

AI in Healthcare: A Brave New World or A Step Too Far?

Zoom Webinar

  From virtual assistants in our pockets to self-driving cars on our streets—artificial intelligence (AI) has undeniably stormed its way into almost every facet of our lives.   But when it comes to healthcare, where decisions can be a matter of life and death, the role of AI becomes especially intriguing. Is it a brave […]

Making Science Communication Inclusive: A Virtual Fireside Chat with Our Science Editor Ankur Paliwal

Zoom Webinar

  We're empowering Diversity in STEM through Inclusive Science Communication!   This September, we've invited our very own Senior Editor of Asian Scientist Magazine, Mr. Ankur Paliwal, to join Dr. Juliana Chan in the hot seat.   As a seasoned science journalist and active advocate for DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion), Ankur will share his […]